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Home Stretch // Created with Unreal Engine. Commissioned by Playcrafting for Graffiti Games at PlayNYC, 2018.

Digital Museum of Digital Art 3.0 // VR Development in Unity. Commissioned by DiMoDA. 2018.

Amazing Industries by Brett Wallace // VR Development and Graphic Design. 2018.

Hardcore EP by Masayoshi Iimori // Commissioned by Fool's Gold Records. 2018.

ASAP: As Smooth As Possible // Playcrafting Indie Game Jam with Thu Tran, Sam Eng, and Neil Sveri. Showcased at The Game Awards 2017.

NO ESC // Game Development and Level Design for Virtual Reality. Collaboration with Nicole Ruggiero, Michelle Cortese, Jeremy McKeehan, and Calvin Hunting. 2017.

HYPER.ZONE // Game Development in Unreal Engine 4. Commissioned by HYPER.CREATIVE, 2015-Present.

High Treason // Unreal Engine Development for HTML 5. Game by Juan Caloca. Programmed by Emilio Peláez. Commissioned by Triple Canopy, 2017.

Dizzyland. Collaboration with Frederick Weston, Ian Clyde, and Sonya Meesh. Commissioned by Visual AIDS, 2016.

Feuer // 360 Music Video. Music by Haleek Maul, collaboration with Jenna Marsh. 2015.

"Tell Your Friends You Have Cable" // 3D Animation. Commissioned by VICELAND, 2016.

"Call Now!" // 360 Video. Commissioned by VICELAND, 2016.

Rise From the Grave Ident // 3D Animation. Commissioned by MTV, 2015.

Teen Wolf Black Blood Ident // 3D Animation. Commissioned by MTV, 2015.

PIN-UP Magazine #17 // Editorial Layout, 2014.

PIN-UP Magazine #18 // Editorial Layout, 2015.

Yo Fight My Mans // Game Design and Development. Commissioned by Chillin Island, 2015.

Kleptosnacker // Game Development. Art by Thu Tran. Commissioned by Mouth Arcade, 2016.

Babycastles Living // Virtual Reality Development and Curation. Exhibited at Babycastles Gallery NYC, 2015.

Static Lagoon // Game Design and Development. 2014.

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